What is the Need for Mandrel Bent Exhaust Tubing

If you wish to improve the performance and mileage of your car, several things would need to be tried by you. These are some of the basic, tried and tested methods that are known to work for several people. You will consider trying them for your car modification needs. Find below some techniques that can make your vehicle run quicker, better along with enhancing the mileage of the sports car. 

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The mandrel bent exhaust tubing is not anything new, as it is known to work for a long time now. However, a good set of aftermarket headers can relieve a lot of back pressure exerted on the system. It will do so by expelling additional exhaust gases as compared to the limited stock system. It will not be enough merely to have a dual exhaust. These exhaust headers are known to go a step further and let your engine remove a number of exhaust gases in a better manner.

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