Combining sumptuous UGG Boots Black Friday Sale, snuggly sheepskin and chunky soles, the new UGG boots might not look like the daintiest of footwear, but they’re actually so much lighter than the originals, so every step really feels like you’re walking on the fluffiest clouds.

Mhhm. That didn’t sound right, did it? However it is. Hello UGG Slippers Black Friday Sale, and the ugly shoe trend that has been a massive fad for the past 2 years or so. So why are we so quick to dismiss Uggs while snapping #OOTD pics in Birkenstocks? #doublestandard

Maybe they’re not that UGG Slides Black Friday Sale, and they just suffer from a bad-rep. Who knows. Here’s what I really think. Those who love them will keep on wearing them, and those who’ve got natural born great style will pull off just about any outfit and look, including the Uggs.

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