Some Argumentative Term Paper Topic Ideas

Relate argumentative term paper topic ideas to daily life events

Argumentative essays and term papers are given as an assignment by the tutor to the students to judge their writing skills and mental capabilities. Therefore, there are times when the topics are provided by the professors themselves. As the topics need to be controversial, so that arguments and counter views can be presented, the students can suggest a suitable topic themselves thinking of how to write my essay. However, it is always easier to write on such argumentative term paper topic ideas that relate us with the events occurring every day in our lives.

Research for the facts

The students require using their imagination and being innovative to debate on the merits and demerits of a certain argument. Hence, a good amount of time should be spent on conducting research over the internet and study of relevant books, magazines or journals to gather facts on the selected topic. However, it is advisable that the student gives the complete details about the sources used to collect such data. These in-text citation references should be properly mentioned in the bibliography page at the end of the term paper.

Topic ideas

Given below is a list of some argumentative term paper topic ideas. However, the student has to elaborate on each of these ideas, while being imaginative and innovative when discussing and arguing on the relevant points. However, students will be benefited if they read other essays also like persuasive essay, and argumentative essays

  1. What are the limits of domestic violence? Certain countries in the world think that it is decent and normal for the male, being head of the family, to rebuke the household females including housewife. The theme itself being sensitive and related to human rights violation, the student should clearly state the limits of such violence. Should this be just a verbal rebuke or a few physical slaps can be tolerable?
  2. What are the merits and demerits of E-marketing, as compared to the conventional marketing strategies? As we have many fake companies promising services and products of high quality, over the internet, the need is to discuss about the tools available to check their genuineness. At the same time, the effectiveness of the conventional marketing methods should be discussed, while keeping the cost factor in view, to highlight the controversial argumentative term paper topic ideas involved with this issue.
  3. Should we allow the right to die, legally? Life is a god given gift. Therefore, no one has the right to do away with this gift. However, there are terminal patients who suffer more than the horrors of death, as they die slowly with each passing day, while being in deep agony and pain. The student needs to put forth facts for both the viewpoints, as it can be best left for the audience to decide finally.Although above few ideas can be developed into a full term paper each, students are strongly advised to look at other essays also. Papers like political essays and academic essay will help.

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