Test banks are more common these days. Students are using the test banks for acquiring knowledge on a particular concept whereas the professors are using it for crafting the questions. But often there are questions like the use of test banks are right or not?


Different people possess different thinking. Some think test banks are meaningful for equipping the students with great conceptual knowledge. To be true, we can’t deny that. Test banks render a full and complete understanding of the concept. It prepares the students for the future tests and helps them in excelling the same with good numbers. But nowadays it is seen that many professors are using the same for teaching purpose. They also use the test banks for crafting the best sets of questions for the assessment.


Test banks offer as the most relevant study guidelines for both the professors and the students. However many suppose that professors should not Business Driven Information Systems Baltzan test bank & solutio... directly use the test bank’s question for fabricating their exams. Assessment should be different and largely it should base on what is done in the class. It should also be focused on the student variety present in the class.


However, there are many who think student using the test banks are one type of cheating practice. But that certainly doesn’t imply with the teachers or the professors who are using the same for crafting their assessments. We think that to be not correct. Every teacher or professor must craft his own set of questions based on whatever is done in class or seeing the student variety.


Some see using the test banks by the professors as using up his resources. Certainly, we don’t deny that creating sets of questions for the exam is much difficult. But in neither way does that permit the professors or the lecturer to use the test banks.  According to them, the test banks are the useful resources as that relates to the textbooks’ chapters. Some see as they are benefitting the student by giving them chance to experience different forms of questions and answers related to the chapter. To be more specific, professors nowadays recommend the usage of the online resources.


However, some professors put quite justified reasons for using the test banks. As per them, there are a lot of professors who are trying their best in making a chapter or a concept understandable to their students. Undoubtedly these professors possess different capabilities. This assessment is the way to understand how well a professor explained the chapters. But as per them, there need to be some standard maintained so to justify the understanding. And test banks provide them with the same. However, we can’t oppose this thought as we also believe that there must be a standard maintained in the study.


Some do also think that crafting a question set by the professors gives them a proper understanding of whether they need to change their way of teaching or not. Whatever we recommend the use of the test banks that gives a clear idea of the chapter. You can take reference from buy-test-bank that provides that is getting in the heights these days. 


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