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SWTOR Temple Chair Decoration Exploit: Bad Effects and Needful Measures

The SWTOR community has been abuzz lately about the Temple Chair Decoration exploit issue. Although the officials have promised to take measures as soon as possible and warned players not to participate in, there are still some inevitable exploits lured by generous swtor credits earning. So what are the bad effects and what measures should be taken before producing a full solution?

Details about SWTOR temple chair decoration exploit

Bad effects may cause from temple chair decoration exploit

Early measures should be taken to against exploit

more details:

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Meanwhile, another ship arrived at Peragus: the Harbinger, the tor credits Galactic Republic capital ship that was transporting Meetra to Telos IV before a series of events that resulted in them ending up in the facility. When Surik, Kreia, and Atton an attempt to escape Peragus the Harbinger, they discovered that the ship had been overrun by the Sith, led by Darth Sion. As Kreia approached Sion, in an attempt to distract him, Surik and Atton escaped through one of the ship's fuel pipes.

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