I don’t expect a bunch of women to agree with me.

I didn’t start this post to make friends, build alliances.  I know how women like to group together and agree with each other for safety and acceptance. I am not that woman.  I believe that every woman is for herself in this world.  We should help each other how we can, but when it comes to men, babies and family, I will start an all our war.

Remember that saying: All is fair in love and war.  That didn’t come out of a cereal box, it came from experience and real life.  You can go ahead and believe that watching your “sister’s” back is going to help you with karma or whatever, but that is not how the game of life is won.  Women need to prioritize and stop pleasing everyone, but themselves.

Why do I feel this way?  Am I lonely? Bitter?  I will take a woman’s man, I will date a friend’s ex, I will conspire to have the man I want.  So what?  My mother met my daddy this way.  They have been married for 27 years.  They are soulmates.  When she met him, he was already in a relationship, two months from his wedding.  His family really liked her, and she had a “chance” meeting with him before he walked down the aisle.  He called off the wedding, and married his soulmate.  Thank God, or I and my brothers and sisters wouldn’t be here!  As for that “other” woman, she found somebody too.

So, you see, nobody got hurt, nobody got the karma boogey man knocking on their door.  In some Carib and Hispanic cultures like mine (Panamanian) the women live like this everyday, and have no problem getting men. And I’m not talking about being the jump off, I’m talking about being THE woman in his life.

Now for your comments from my latest blog at Loveawake dating site


No, I do not not.  I simply make myself available.  If they choose to partake, then the men will do so.  Love changes. He has a right to choose me.  No matter what.


I have several friends, not many though, and I rather keep it that way.  To be honest, if I had a bunch of girlfriends with fine men, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.  They’ll be lots of broken hearts.  I’m an assertive flirt.  The girls who hang with me now, know it.  I have no shame.  And their boyfriends are scared as hell of me.  Not surprised.  I lost friends, but there is more to gain.


Another bull crap excuse from women who try to explain my behavior.  My self esteem is high, too high.  Why else would I be doing this?  I believe in my power as a woman over a man, and I use it.  It doesn’t define me, because I am also educated, have my own company, house, and other assets.


No, he didn’t.


And the world turns.  Life moves on.  Sure, I’d be hurt.  But I move on.  Especially when I think every man is available.  Actually my boo boo right now is very conservative and he knows my ways.  He’s very protective and he does love me a “bit more”. That’s how it should be.  I chased him, he caught me.



And, I do have a man I’m in a long term, stable relationship with.  I met him through a “friend”.   And we are happy.

If you are reading this and are single, please stop punishing yourself that all the good men are taken.  They are not.  They are waiting for the next best thing.  Not all women can meet a single, available man at the job, at school, or at the party.   Women have power, and if we use it right we can have any man on this earth.  Just make sure you don’t tell your girlfriends who are like sheep.  Women hate women at the end of the day, and will never 100% have your best interests, only your mama most of the time.  The only way another woman would want you to be 100% happy, if she is 250% happy.  Is that real friendship?

Wake up.

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