Insects include multiple types of insects that cause harm and harm to humans; as a result of physical illnesses and psychological disorders related to stress, anxiety and disgusting appearance; as well as corruption of human property, food and construction, and of these insects ants, which is divided into nine groups, Ants of the warrior, the ants enslaved, the ants, the ants, the ant, the ant, the wood ants, the ox ants, plant ants, so we chose our article this talk about this insect.

Ants are an insect species that belong to the wings of the wings, and its head is large compared to the size of its body. It has an oval belly and a slim waist, and it was able to carry weights that are heavy for him, and to help him with the drilling process, and had two internal; to eat and chew food , And has six legs, and the body consists of solid cells similar to glass and constitute 80%, and is breakable when exposed to pressure.
 The life of the ants is 6-7 years in the middle colonies and is multiplied by the queen's status of millions of eggs, which are surrounded by sterilized and disinfectant substances that secrete them to protect them from germs and microbes. These colonies are often sterile females that include soldiers and workers. In many parts of the earth and ecological regions, which account for 15-25% of the wild animal life, except Antarctica and uninhabited islands.
Benefits of environmental ants pollinate flowers.
 Volatility of organic matter in soil and contribute to ventilation.
 It is a food source for some insects.
 How to avoid the presence of ants Keep food in the refrigerator, or in sealed containers, and not left exposed.
 Take care to clean the house using multiple cleaning fluids.
Throw the contents of the trash first.

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