Everything you need to know about LED Tron dance

Some of you might not have heard the term “Tron dance,” but the rest must be familiar with the word “MJ Style Tron Dance” due to some tremendously popular reality shows. But if you are in the minority, then this article is for you. 


What is Tron dance, and how is it different from other dance forms?

Well, Tron dancing is much better and visually impactful than any other dance form. You might want to know why. The reason is Tron dancing is a combination of music, dance, and lights. All dancers wear costumes that are filled with tiny led lights, and they perform in complete darkness. The lights on their dress provide different shapes and structures. When the audience spectacles the show, they get to see a mesmerizing view in the dark. 

There are several LED Dance Group In Delhi, who has excelled in this dance form. These groups not only have innovative visual themes, but they are accompanied by brilliant dancers who work hard a lot to get to this position. 


When did Innovative LED Tron Dance India start getting famous? 

Previously India never witnessed something similar to Tron dancing. But after the fantastic performances given by a brilliant LED Dance Group In Delhi, this form of dance was known to people. Dancers who were enthusiastic about winning competitions and succeeding in their fields started incorporating MJ Style Tron dance in their acts. Another reason that inspired a lot of people in doing Tron dance is that any individual dancer could finish an entire act because of this form of dancing. Soon, people from all over the country wanted this type of dance forms on different occasions of their lives.


What kind of performances do these dance groups offer?

Innovative LED Tron Dance India groups like Glowdiators offer several different kinds of Tron dancing performances. They are:


Tron Dance Alien act

In this performance, the group usually uses three to five of their dancers. They perform a chain of sequences that are enchanting and filled with illusions. Since they wear a costume filled with led bulbs, they look like a singular alien. Even though every one of them is performing. Western songs or electronic dubstep music are the popular genres that are played with the performance. It is quite famous among college fests or product launch events.


MJ Style Tron dance

MJ style dancing has always been quite popular all around the world. But when that form of dancing is combined with the Tron legacy, that performance is worth watching. On an average of four dancers, this performance is completed thrillingly and excitingly. Most people are obsessed with this act. People both onshore and offshore hire Corporate event LED dancers India for corporate events or carnival events.


Bhangra Tron Act

 In India, people adore Bhangra, especially in North India, Bhangra is a staple for every household. Now, with the advancement of technology Bhangra is combined with electronic music and led Tron dancing. The result is astonishing. Several Corporate events LED dancers India are hired for performing in Indian functions and carnivals in the US as well. They are also viable for college fests and weddings in India.


Laser Man Act

 Laser Man show is quite different from the other Tron dance shows. This act is a single-man act and is performed with various kinds and colors of lasers. Viewers always enjoy this show to the fullest. With interactive music and lasers, the show is truly one of a variety. Much innovative Light dance group India like Glowdiators, are called for these kinds of shows. They are suited for carnivals, feasts, weddings, corporate launches, and many more.


Customized shows

 The LED Dance Group In Delhilike Glowdiators, holds several customizable shows as well. Some of the shows feature the dancers shaped like different creatures like dragons or mythological characters like Ravana or Rama. These shows are presented if ordered beforehand for any occasion.


With skilled choreographers and exceptionally talented dancers, Innovative LED Tron Dance India like Glowdiators have come a long way. Now, these kinds of groups are immensely popular and even promotes movies or brands. Like, the Head Tron act of Glowdiators is one of the most popular acts for introducing a celebrity or launching a new product. In this act, the focus will be on the said celeb, but several heads will surround him/her in the form of Tron. With energetic crew and magnificent performances, these groups are the future of entertainment in India.

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