Double XP Weekends in Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape's launch had been welcome by many verteran players, especially those who had been dissatisfied with the current situation. A significant part of the community began leaving RuneScape due to microtransactions and the very double XP weekends we discuss these days. With numbers of people on the internet plummeting and private OSRS machines on the rise, Jagex saw along with took the opportunity and presented oldschoolrunescape, also known as 2007 Scape, since it was the 2008 version of the game.

Originally, it only had maintenance revisions, but due to the influx associated with players and increasing reputation, Jagex started actually upgrading the game and implemented a distinctive polling feature. Players might now vote for updates they need and vote against up-dates they disapprove of. The actual feature itself, although typically positive, is a somewhat of any double-edged sword: Jagex often creates parts of content limited to the suggested update being rejected by the community, here's an example, Sailing. But let's get right back with today's topic.

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Since Jagex is faithful to the local community by listening to it via polls, here are basic explanations why double XP weekends are never introduced to OSRS:
First, OSRS is a sort of a sanctuary for players who take pleasure in RuneScape, but quit on account of various changes, which can be quarreled for or against. Secondly, with the introduction of microtransactions, competitive skilling in RuneScape was basically non-existant. Consequently, double XP weekends by now were a non-issue. Third, don't forget the above, it can be speculated this in case such feature may be considered for OSRS simply by Jagex, it will be polled and can all see how that will poll would go.

To summarize, it truly is clear that double XP weekends will not be introduced, certainly not in the way that undermines aggressive skilling or the voice in the players. Jagex also continuously stated that they are not about to implement them in the near future, neither is it in their plans for this. And if you see a increase XP weekend being offered somewhere, please, do your service and do NOT click on that will. That's an outright fraud and no one wishes to get rid of the account they enjoy so much. And in case you will have done so before reading this publish and by some miracle weren't hacked yet - move and change your password.

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