5 Steps to a Effective Welding Automation

Welding automation is a great way to boost production, increase productivity and reduce cost. For optimized effects, it is important to take care of numerous things. Welding automation is very theraputic for businesses to improve profitability and productivity while lowering cost. But, improper planning could make an economic hazard.

Welding automation requires the parallel or synchronized functioning of numerous welding tools. Therefore, consideration and preparing for every step and activity included should be achieved just before utilizing it. It is very important to understand the facets that improve the get back on expense in engineering or will prevent potential problems.

Repetition is Important

Automation is effective only once it involves repeated occasion or manufacturing of output. This means that if you wish to mass-produce a weld, automating the process for uniform productivity can make sure higher production, profitability, quality and finish. Low quantity, high variety is not good for automation. Under such predicament, it is much better to utilize guide process.

Extra Gear for Security

Welding method releases plenty of smoke. In a large prototype development establishment where automation leads to set up of many of welding equipment, fume extraction requires more gear to fatigue these fumes. That is also essential for submission with safety regulatory bodies. With respect to the measurement of the ability, the cost of a fume extraction program can vary. Other protection equipment contains screens, gloves, cages, etc.

Information Catching and Tracking

Adding a catch and monitoring system might monitor various limits of welding, factors behind flaws or deviations, and generally speaking any inefficiency in the process. Installation of this technique needs an transparent cost, however the long-term benefits are high. It will also must the choosing of computer and experienced individuals who are also analytically sound for drawing right evaluation and understanding of the collected.


An successfully working automation process takes a theoretically noise user or supervisor. Though it includes knowledge, organizations also needs to set the time and effort by coordinating training period for them. Driver and supervisors should also be encouraged to attend on line troubleshooting periods, tutorials, or any on-site following treatment support trainings arranged by OEMs.

Proper Maintenance

Maintenance is paramount to the correct functioning and best delivery of productivity by the automated process. Appropriate planned preservation plan may reduce expensive fixes, quick breakdowns of machineries, lack of generation, and poor quality parts. This could also need fitting of more gear or pieces to aid productivity. As an example, a nozzle washing station for improved production and weld quality.

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