Sports Complex

Sports Complex
Funding Assistance Project

Project Description. As provided for in the 5-Year Development Plan, the Sports Complex consists of  Physical Education and Athletic Facilities proposed to be built during the  SY 2007-2008. It may be started sooner pending  receipt of pledges from alumni. 

The Sports Complex, proposed on the site of the current basketball court on the Athletics Field, will house the following: 

  1. Covered Courts with 2 sets of latitudinal playing areas and 1 longtitudinal competition court for basketball and volleyball.  The area can also serve as courts for badminton and as an assembly area for school functions like graduation and school mass.

  2. A stage for concerts etc.

  3. Shower and Changing Rooms for boys and girls

  4. Equipment storage

  5. Offices for the proposed Athletic and Activities League (currently being set up) among the following schools: St. Mary’s School, Sagada National High School, St. James School, and Besao National High School.  Other schools like Bangaan National High, Antadao HS, and Suyo also have expressed interest in joining this league.  The league’s program  will include interscholastic sports like basketball, volleyball, and table tennis to start, and cultural exchanges in music, drama, dance, and forensics (debate etc). 

Estimated Project Cost. Based on the 5-Year Development Plan the estimated cost of the project amount to two million Philippines Pesos [P2,000,000] or about thirty six thousand four hundred U. S. Dollars [$36,400] at a "55-pesos to one-dollar" exchange rate.  The itemized costing follows:

Estimated Cost: Sports Complex

1. Covered Courts Roof P     500,000.00
2. Lighting and Floor        200,000.00
3. Offices and Shower Room
    (including pipe system)
4. Stage, Lighting & Sound        500,000.00
5. Bleachers        400,000.00

         T o t a l

P  2,000,000.00


$       35,400.00

Project Status. The immediate target is to come up with $10,000.00 to cover the cost of finishing the steel structure and roofing of the sports complex in time for the next SMS Alumni and Friends reunion sometime in December of 2007. As of  8 January 2007, $6,906.00 has already been raised by the Sports Complex Funding Assistance Committee. See:

A brochure has been crafted by Edwin Abeya and company. Copies has already been out to concerned SMSSAFF committee members as well as to members of the BOT for dissemination in their respective areas.The brochure is hereunder posted  for any interested individual to download.

Target date for finishing the whole sports complex is year 2008 hopefully in time for the SMS alumni and friends reunion scheduled for that year.

Project Volunteers. The descendants of the following Sagada matriarchs, led by Norman Longid, have volunteered to lead in the fund-raising initiative for the sports complex.

  • Masinnay: the grandmother of Pacyaya and Malecdan among others,
  • Kangkangan: the grandmother of Banagui and Gayagay among others,
  • Kalugidan: the grandmother of Abeya, Bacagan, Olat among others, and
  • Bistanga: the grandmother of Alagon, Andawi and Longid among others.

The above-named matriarchs were orphaned sisters.  Notwithstanding the difficulties they had to hurdle in their lives they were able to raise and nurture  offspring who became successful and respected individuals not only in Sagada but in other communities they have settled in.

Team play [as in ob-obbo], fair play [as in "inayan" or "lawa"], honesty, persistence and hard work must have been among other social values that the four orphaned sisters regimented in their offspring;  otherwise not many of them would not have reached prominence in society.

These social values rank high in the ladder of virtues characterizing the lives of most successful businessmen, scientists, statesmen, religious leaders,  as well as simple folks whose lives made a difference to their fellowmen. Such virtues must continue to be inculcated in our Igorot youth and one effective way of doing this is by dedicating the SMS sports complex to these four orphaned sisters who epitomized said time-honored values.

It is particularly the value of team play and fair play which Norman Longid [an avid baskeball player during his high school and college days] would like to instill in SMS students. This was a key factor in his volunteering to lead the fund-raising challenge for the sports complex.  Norman Longid is, therefore, calling all descendants of their "four- orphaned-sister-ancestors" to share a little of their time, talents or treasures towards  the realization of the SMS sports complex.

Likewise, Norman is appealing to all SMS alumni and friends who would rather see Igorot youth engaged in sports where they can learn the values of team play and fair play, rather than hanging out in liquor establishments or engaged in nefarious activities [i. e. drugs and gangs] or lured to the mendicancy trade in the streets of metro-manila and other urban centers.

Norman is appealing for volunteers to join him in the funding committee on this project [click the following hyperlink to read details]: Sports Complex  Funding Assistance Committee

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