Proposed Mission and Vision; SWOT Analysis and Action Plan presented by Lambert Sagalla during the SMSSAFF meeting last March 5, 2005 at the St. Luke and All Saints Church in Union, New Jersey.

VISION: A reliable/trustworthy charitable organization committed to helping St. Mary’s School endure as a source of quality and affordable education for Igorots and related people in Northern Philippines. A capable supporter of efforts undertaken by other non-profit schools to educate Igorots and related people.
MISSION: SMSS Alumni and Friends Foundation exists to help generate tax-deductible donations, grants and aids, bequests, devises, transfers or gifts in support of educational, scientific and research projects, including building and facilities improvements, undertaken to improve the quality of education offered by St. Mary’s School, Sagada. We will share our resources, to the extent possible, with other non-profit schools having similar  missions/status  as St. Mary's School, Sagada. 



  • Tax Exempt Status under 501 (c) (3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.
  • Gainfully employed Alumni and friends in the U. S. A.. and other countries.
  • Internet-literate alumni and friends.
  • Inspiring leadership and commitment by several alumni and friends lead by Dennis Faustino and Rufino Bomasang.


  • Starting from Scratch; no operational capital.
  • Lack of a Directory for SMS alumni and Friends
  • Service to SMSSAFF purely voluntary hence, the least of priorities of members of the board of trustees and officers.
  • Superficial or little knowledge about facts and figures required for an effective funding proposal.


  • Existence of a well prepared 5-Year Plan for SMSSI  which will serve as a road map for SMSSAF fund raising activities.
  • Diverse contacts/friends of Alumni in diverse professions in the U. S. A..
  • Abundance of  non-profit funding sources in the U. S. A..
  • Wealth of information on fund raising strategies and training in the internet.


  • Inadvertent non-compliance by SMSSAFF or SMSSI  to IRS conditionalities can be a cause of revocation by IRS of tax-exempt status of SMSAFF.
  • Funding by some US registered non-profit foundations of  terrorists activities can adversely affect foreign funding activities of  US registered public charity foundations.
  • Diversion of donations/contributions from what they were intended and approved can undermine trust and confidence of benefactors/donors.
  • “Don’t Care”, “ay uney pay datodi”, “apal” or “men-apos” attitudes can be contagious.



  • Review, revise and/or approve  Articles of Association and By-laws
  • Review, revise and/or approve composition of Board of Trustees and Officers to insure membership support; and/or simplify and facilitate a faster decision process.    
  • Impose membership fees to fund some operational expenses.
  • Form committees in consonance with projects identified in the  5-Year Development Plan of SMSSI.
  • Sponsor Fund-raisers. [Tony Trinidad might be willing to donate DJ services for a joint fund-raiser for St. Mary’s  School and All Saints Mission School].
  • Institute acceptable accounting and auditing procedures.


  • Sponsor one or two individuals to attend grantmanship seminars
  • Research and Identify possible sources of scholarships, faculty sponsorships, library funding, scientific research funding and the like which can be tapped for St. Mary’s School.
  • Study feasibility of hiring individuals to plan and implement SMSSAFF’s fund raising activities.
  • Network with other similar foundations.
  • Identify and prepare facts and figures useful for preparing grant and aids proposals for SMS.

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