School Building Renovations

School Building Renovations 
Funding Assistance Project

I. Project Description. This project is intended to help generate funding for school building renovations. SMSSI funding requests for school building renovations have so far received encouraging response from Alumni and friends and, no doubt, will continue to be a favorite for channeling tax deductible donations. The following is a description of the rationale and features of the this project, lifted verbatim from the 5-Year Development Plan.

"While it is true that St. Mary’s School currently possesses the most adequate resources among its sister schools in the area, its facilities needs major upgrading in order to meet the demands of the new academic program.  The school was built in 1979, after the original wooden building was burned.  The new concrete building was meant to support a population of three to five hundred students, and it includes a student center, library, administrative offices, kitchen, laboratories, and auditorium.  When Sagada was assured of a continuous supply of electricity, minimal electrical wiring was superficially added to the rooms.  As of the beginning of this school year, lighting in the classrooms was inadequate.  Adequate water supply is another basic need of the school.  As the maintenance of the mission compound’s water supply deteriorated, so did the water supply to the school. Finally, security continues to be of concern to the school, as the school building has been victimized repeatedly by vandalism and theft.

In planning any physical renovation or innovation projects as part of the strategic plan for the upgrading of school facilities, the following considerations will be addressed, in order to prioritize and facilitate donations from alumni and other sources: 

  1. Does the project positively and directly impact the learning of the majority of students (learning environment)? 

  2. Is the project needed to support and enhance the school’s curriculum (resources needed to deliver the curriculum)? 

  3. Is the project feasible (availability of funds) and sustainable, to wit: can the cost of maintenance of the project be absorbed by the school’s operations budget? 

  4. Is the project needed for the security and safety of the schools and its constituency? 

Plans of Action for Physical Plant Renovations: 

In identifying probable sources of revenue for specific capital development, the following 5-year plan for upgrading the facilities of St. Mary’s has been approved by its board of trustees, and work for the 1st phase has been started as of the beginning of the 2004-2005 school year.  In tapping potential donors, the Board of Trustees has identified individual or group donors for each item, the completion of which would suit their preferences and fit their own budgets. 

1st Phase:

  1. Renovation of at least 8 classrooms (Right Wing), including:
    1.1. Constructing lowered ceilings to counteract the echo produced by cavernous cement walls.
    1.2. Installation of four banks of fluorescent  lights to provide adequate lighting for students. (currently there is only one incandescent light bulb per classroom and no sockets).
    1.3. Installation of at least three electrical outlets per classroom (to allow for the use of overhead projectors and other audio visual equipment).
    1.4. Construction of adequate white boards (chalk residue has been found to be dangerous to the health of students and teachers) and bulletin boards (for the display of student work and other information). 
    1.5. Construction of platforms in each classroom to enable students to better see the teacher and the information written on the boards.
    1.6. Construction of trapezoidal student desks to allow for better and wider surface areas for writing.  The flexibility of the trapezoidal tables also allows multiple configuration to suit the demands of various classroom activities such as small group discussions, large group forums, workshops, and lectures.
    1.7. Painting, varnishing, and covering cement floors with vinyl tiles. 
    1.8. Monobloc chairs to supplement the trapezoidal tables. 

  2. The construction of two student toilets on the first floor.  Currently students have to resort to outhouses located in the periphery of the school building.  If we are to teach our kids good hygiene and how to properly use toilets, we need to provide the facilities.  These include: 
    2.1. 4 urinals and 2 cubicles in the boys toilet;
    2.2. 4 cubicles in the girls’ toilet;
    2.3. wash basins and mirrors;
    2.4. water storage and a janitor’s closet for cleaning supplies;
    2.5. fluorescent lighting.

  3. A concrete cistern adjacent to Stapleton Hall to provide adequate storage of rainwater for toilet use in the main building. 

  4. Security grills in all rooms in the school and replacement of broken windows. 

  5. Metal doors with deadbolts for all classrooms (eventually for all rooms). 

2nd Phase – Left Wing (actually planned for SY 2006-2007, but may be started sooner, pending on receipt of pledges from alumni). 

  1. Renovating the Chemistry laboratory, including water sinks, electrical and gas outlets, exhaust hoods, safety shower, chemicals preparation and storage room, science tables and stools, two white boards, and two bulletin boards, 

  2. Constructing a Biology laboratory, including sinks and electrical outlets, and furnished with science equipment like microscopes, dissecting kits, science tables and stools, whiteboards and bulletin boards. 

  3. Constructing a Physics laboratory, including electrical equipment and outlets, white boards, and bulletin boards, tables and stools.  The Physics lab will also serve as the shop to be used in TLE (technology and livelihood education) units dealing with applied electricity. 

  4. Constructing a Computer laboratory, with at least 18 PCs, properly networked for instructional purposes, which may be later connected to the library for Internet access.  The renovation includes the installation of computer and power cables, computer desks and chairs, whiteboards and bulletin boards. 

  5. Renovation of the Library (or Media Center), to include:
    5.1. Proper lighting (at least 32 banks of fluorescent lighting)
    5.2. Proper acoustics (lowering of ceiling)
    5.3. Electrical outlets
    5.4. Proper tables and chairs in the Reference & Discussion area
    5.5. The creation of an enclosed Reading Room (Quiet Room) which will house the Fiction collection
    5.6. A separate Audio-Visual Room (for viewing films, and documentaries) which will also house the audio-visual collection of the school.
    5.7. A computer section (a bank of at least four computers for Internet access).

II. Project Cost

1. First Phase [The Right Wing]:

  • Renovation of 8 classrooms @P100,000 = P800,000
  • Renovation of 2 toilets @ P75.000 = P150,000
  • Security Grills (whole school) = P150,000
  • Water Storage Cistern = P150,000 

2. Second Phase [The Left Wing]:   

  • Chemistry Lab (incl. prep room, equipment) = P400,000
  • Biology Lab = P150,000
  • Physics Lab = P150,000
  • Computer Lab (without computers) = P150,000
  • 18 Computers for Computer Lab (networked) = P630,000
  • Library Renovation incl. Audio Visual = P500,000 

3. Third Phase: The Sports Complex. For the description and
     costing of this project click on the foregoing hyperlink.

III. Status

1. First Phase. The renovation of 8 classrooms, 2 toilets and security grills were   finished ahead of schedule. Thanks to the Donors  [please click to see the names of the donors].

Please click on the following hyperlinks to see renovation-related pictures:

2. Second Phase. The chemistry  and biology labs are finished while the physics lab is currently undergoing construction. Thanks to the immediate response of Dr. John and Josephine Alipit to bankroll the cost of these science laboratories, there was no need to form committees to handle fund-raising activities for the projects such as what was done for other SMS projects.  A pictorial on the science labs may be viewed by clicking the following hyperlinks:

The Computer Laboratory has likewise been finished and already equipped with Computers. Please click on February 18, 2005 Donations Update to see the names of the donors.  

The Library renovation project has been assigned to the: Library Facilities Funding Assistance Committee [click to read objective, members and status of this committee.]    
3. Third Phase: Click on this hyperlink - The Sports Complex - to read the objective, members and latest status of the project.

To make a donation go to the

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