Saint Mary's School

St. Mary's School Sagada [SMSS] is an EpiscopalChurch institution, established by American Missionaries in 1904 to help educate and Christianize the so-called non-Christian tribes of the Cordillera mountain ranges of Northern Philippines [historically referred to as Igorots, Cultural Minorities, tribal communities or indigenous people].

Through SMSS, quite a number of Igorots were able to obtain higher education, attain lofty positions in their fields of endeavor or assumed leadership roles in their respective communities. Not a few point to the quality of education they received from SMSS as a key factor in their achievements.

Unfortunately, SMSS has been overtaken by developments adversely affecting its financial viability resulting in a decision by the school administrator - The Episcopal Diocese of Northern Philippines [EDNP] - to close the school.

Cognizant of the importance of SMSS, Sagada in the educational, spiritual, social, economic and/or political upliftment of Igorots in the mountain ranges of the Philippine Cordilleras, concerned SMSS alumni and friends opposed the EDNP plan. They were able to convince EDNP that a better option to closure was for them to take over administration of the school to try and resuscitate its operations.

Concerned alumni and friends are now in the forefront of efforts towards generating assistance of any kind from any and all sources to help SMSS continue its mission of dispensing quality education to an indigenous people struggling but determined to catch up with mainstream Philippine society and the rest of the world. The current needs of the school are described in more details in the "Five-Year Development Plan" and "Priority Project" pages of this website.

To individual and corporate-donors in the U. S. A., you can channel your SMSS donations through the SMSS Alumni and Friends Foundation, a public charity organization, tax exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the U. S. Internal Revenue Code. Through this foundation, your donations are tax deductible under section 170 of the Code. You are also entitled to tax deductions for bequests, devises, transfers or gifts you make through SMSS Alumni and Friends Foundation under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code. [Proof of the tax-exempt status of SMSS Alumni and Friends Foundation can be provided prospective donors upon request.]

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