Mission and Vision

St. Mary's School of Sagada, Inc.[SMSSI]

VISION: SMS becomes best high school in Mt Province by 2008 and best high school in the Cordillera Region by 2013.

MISSION: To be a christian school with strong emphasis on science and technology; well equiped laboratory and library; highly qualified and well paid faculty; and serving as training ground for future leaders.

St. Mary's School, Sagada Alumni and Friends Foundation [SMSSAFF]

VISION: A reliable/trustworthy charitable organization committed to helping St. Mary’s School endure as a source of quality and affordable education for Igorots and related people in Northern Philippines. A capable supporter of efforts undertaken by other non-profit schools to educate Igorots and related people.

MISSION: SMSS Alumni and Friends Foundation exists to help generate tax-deductible donations, grants and aids, bequests, devises, transfers or gifts in support of educational, scientific and research projects, including building and facilities improvements, undertaken to improve the quality of education offered by St. Mary’s School, Sagada. We will share our resources, to the extent possible, with other non-profit schools having similar missions/status as St. Mary's School, Sagada.

SWOT Analysis and Action Plans.

For those interested in the SWOT [strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat] analysis as well as action plans evolved with the mission and vision of SMSSI and SMSSAFF respectively, click on the following hyperlinks:

My SWOT Analysis of SMS and Proposed Action Plan by Rufino Bomasang

SWOT Analysis and Proposed Action Plan for SMSSAFF by Lambert Sagalla

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