Memorial Funds.

Memorial Funds. 

Another way of helping St. Mary's School is setting up memorial Funds. The Frank Longid Memorial fund has recently been launched, the interest-earnings of which is earmarked for St. Mary's School. The late Frank Longid had been at the forefront in efforts to keep St. Mary's School operating. He has sacrificed substantial personal funds and his precious time for St. Mary's School. Friends, relatives and fans of  Frank Longid are encouraged to support this noble cause - be sure to read his Homily. Click on Year 2003 Donors and June 8, 2004 Donations Update by Inez Saley to see initial supporters of the Frank Longid Memorial Fund here in the U. S. A.

Or you might want to also establish a Memorial Fund for someone dear to you and make SMS a beneficiary.

To make a donation go to the

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