Library Facilities Improvement

Library FacilitiesImprovement
Funding Assistance Project

Project Description.
This is a project that calls for the renovation/ expansion of St. Mary's School Library so as to be able to cater not only to SMS students and the Sagada Community but also students and faculty of other schools in nearby communities*. Donors are encouraged to support this all important learning facility.

According to the 5-Year Development Plan the SMS library will be renovated to install/provide the following:

  • Proper lighting (at least 32 banks of fluorescent lighting).
  • Proper acoustics (lowering of ceiling)
  • Electrical outlets
  • Proper tables and chairs in the Reference & Discussion area
  • The creation of an enclosed Reading Room (Quiet Room) which will house the Fiction collection.
  • A separate Audio-Visual Room (for viewing films, and documentaries) which will also house the audio-visual collection of the school.
  • A computer section (a bank of at least four computers for Internet access).
  • Sufficient book cases and shelves for the school’s entire collection.

Click on the hyperlink below to see a pictorial of the SMS Libary

Project Cost. According to the 5-Year Development Plan, the cost of library renovation including audio visual is estimated at P500,000.00 Philippine pesos or around $10,000 U.S. dollars.

Project Status. A committee has been created to coordinate a funding initiative for this project. The committee is currently headed by Edwin Abeya who, by the way, with her sister Nellie Abeya Pit-og had been paying the salary of a full time librarian. Before them the late Frank Longid has been taking care of the Librarian's Salary.

As of 10 October 2005, five thousand nine hundred dollars [$5,900.00] has been generated for the SMS Library renovation project. That means we still have to raise $4,100.00 to reach the target amount of $10,000.00 for renovating the library. The amount of cash still to be raised will have been significantly reduced by the lumber donation from Emily Capuya's clan as well as other material and volunteer work from the local community - See: Library Pledges - Donations.

A brochure has been crafted by Edwin Abeya and company to help donor interest in the SMS Library and Sports Complex particularly during the coming tax-payment season. The brochure has been uploaded to the SMSSAFF website for any interested individual to download. See:

For those wanting to get directly involved in the working committee for this project please click on this hyperlink: Library Facilities Funding Assistance Committee

*Note: The Board of Trustees has approved the open access of St. Mary’s School’s library facilities for the entire community (including Besao and Bontoc and visitors), provided proper accountability and student supervision is guaranteed. The Faculty Room (currently in the center section of the building adjacent to the Principal’s Office) will house a separate library for instructional materials, also available for use by other educators.

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