Dormitories Funding Assistance Project

Dormitories Funding Assistance Project

Project Description. This calls for the renovation of the existing SMS boy's and girl's dormitories to cater to out-of-Sagada students as well as students from Sagada whose parents wants their children to avail of the discipline, guidance and/or supervision administered by a dormitory master/ administrator. This is an excellent project where corporate donors can channel their tax-deductible donations. This also presents an excellent opportunity for investment minded individuals to explore the possibility of a build-operate-transfer form of helping SMS realize this project. The renovations is scheduled to start in School Year 2006-2007 and ready by School Year 2007-2008

Student behavior and consistent adult supervision beyond school hours are major concerns that plague the community.  Too often, problems in student behavior stem from the lack of parental guidance and supervision, the reasons for which are varied and many.  There are students whose parents are not in Sagada and who entrust their children to a relative.  There are students from Kalinga and Bontoc who either board in local domiciles or work in Sagada businesses while going to school.  There are also students whose families no longer permanently reside in Sagada, but wish to avail of a St. Mary’s School education.  Finally, there are alumni from overseas who would consider sending their children to St. Mary’s as long as they are properly prepared for international tertiary education and raised in a safe, secure environment in which proper Christian and Igorot cultural values are inculcated. 

In conjunction with the renovation plans of St. Theodore’s Hospital, it has been proposed to jointly renovate the existing boys’ and girls’ dorms in order to allow: 

  1. Housing for students from outside the Poblacion area.

  2. Housing for faculty who are not from Sagada.

  3. Housing for guests of the school, the hospital (visiting medical teams), and the parish. 

The form by which the dormitories will be run is similar to the traditional ulog and dap-ay concepts, adapted into the American Episcopalian practice in the early years’ of St. Mary’s School.  Beyond school hours, the students are supervised by a faculty member aided by a resident matron or elder.  In exchange for housing, the faculty member will supervise study hours and monitor discipline and give regular reports to parents and the school administration.  On the other hand, the matron or elder will plan and supervise the work detail of students living in the dorms.  Both will plan and supervise the social and cultural development of their constituencies during weekends and off-school hours. 

The restoration of the dorms will necessitate the construction of sleeping quarters for students, apartments for the dorm heads, showers, kitchens, gardens etc.  The dorms should include quarters for guests which may be used by visitors of the school, the parish, and the hospital, including parents of students who may wish to visit their children. 

Apparently, the plans, costing and implementation of the restoration of the old boys and girls dorm have still to be finalized with St. Lukes Hospital the main project proponent for the rehabilitation of St. Theodore's Hospital. In the meantime, SMSSI has decided to renovate the Stapleton Hall to serve as temporary housing quarters for out-of-town faculty and students.

Project Cost. Costing is still in the process of being estimated. Build-Operate-Transfer [BOT] proponents, you may want to discuss your proposals and cost-estimates for the renovation of the old boys and girls dormitories with the current SMSSI administrators. 

The renovation of the Stapleton Hall is estimated at US$4,000.00 or Philippine Pesos 220,000.00 [see related Pictures]

Project Status. A committee is currently being set up to look into how funding sources can be generated for this project. For those interested to get actively involved in this committee or to see the latest development on this project, click on this hyperlink: Dormitory Funding Assistance Committee.

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