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2001: RM 001

break in
Now that the new century has begun to be carried out in earnest, history can also be carried out in earnest. For many people, "2001" before it really entered the year of development, often reminds people of the extraordinary "A Space Odyssey" released by Stanley Kubrick in 1968. This movie deals with space, knowledge and technology, as well as madness and unknown. Now, 2001 itself has arrived. The 9/11 attack is always in mind. Around September 11, there will always be the deadliest terrorist attack in history, and the first terrorist attack worldwide will be broadcast live on TV. Everyone remembers the bad situation that day. I was at Heathrow airport, trapped in the lounge of British Airways for a few hours, and then I was finally able to take the TGV high-speed train back to Paris. If you want to use one word to summarize 2001, then it must be "break". A dictionary definition of the term is "interruption of continuity or consistency." Rest is both painful and opportunity. In a moment of history, there is a "before" and a "after". Moreover, since it can refer to the passage of time, it is also a related word on the watch. So, which watch best reflects this? First of all, it must be a new, unexpected work that evokes extreme reactions. The "breakthrough point" indicates a certain level of violence. This excludes simple modifications and also excludes watches from the "old world" or well-known brands. Moreover, since there must be a "before" and "after", the watch must be a pioneer in paving the way for others: redefining and affecting its environment and a watch that can stand the test of time. It can't be done once; its destructive effects must last. Therefore, we have selection criteria: new watches, new brands, new designs, new materials... The winner is: RM 001, the first Richard Mille.replica luxury watches

Why choose Richard Mille?
Between 1997 and 2001, start-ups rose rapidly around the world, with the original intention of destroying, destroying, disintegrating and destroying the old world. They built a new world, caused structural changes and created new business models. They are both fascinating and frightening. Between 2000 and 2020, they changed our daily lives. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) is the watch embodiment of this entrepreneurial culture. The keen industrialist founded his company in 1998. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) became a true start-up, both in thought and behavior. This agile small brand broke the boundaries of modern watchmaking in a niche market. This is why it best symbolizes 2001.

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) RM 001-black boulder
In 2001's "A Space Odyssey", the black boulder represented the advancement of knowledge. The RM 001, launched in 2001, is another black boulder in its own way, urging us to rethink watches in a whole new way. Destructive overall. The first is the situation of the wine barrel: primitive, radical and refined. Then there is its transparency and depth. RM 001 is a Replica watches price you can dive into. The figures float in the air, the tourbillon "breathes" in the center of the watch, and the power reserve sprouts from nowhere. When you turn it over, you can see more movement. This is an excellent striptease performed by a very sexy watch. There are also rubber bands, which are new features of "ultra-luxury" watches; and revolutionary materials that were first used in watchmaking.

Richard Mille RM 001 is the opening movement of the Richard Mille Symphony Orchestra, paving the way for breakthroughs in other watchmaking industries. Stanley Kubrick would be proud of this.

Demon supporters' experience
This ability to create breakthroughs is fascinating, and this is the devil's praise for RM's creation. Let me confess here. In my case, Richard Mille is the holy grail of watchmaking. I have never owned this watch. This is probably the thing I hate most about this watch. Even today, its issue price is still 200,000 euros, which is still unaffordable for most collectors. In addition to these subtle details, the RM 001 prototype: exquisite sketches, but flawed; these were corrected with the progress of the 2000s. But this is another story.replica Chopard Mille Miglia watches


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