McDonald's has created 12,000 new jobs for the summer season across Michigan and 240 of those are in Lansing.
On top of receiving a summer job, students employed by McDonald's can apply for college tuition osrs updates.

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Mayor Andy Schor said, "We want to train our kids for the future. We want kids to go to college whether it's a community college, whether its two years, four years,. whether they're getting a trade, whether they're learning customer service- these are the skills that we need for the future. When you have a skills gap, this is how you fill the skills gap."
For college students, summertime is a chance to let loose and decompress from a long year of hard work. But this also necessitates the need for cash to afford fun activities. And, while any job that brings in some income is a win, summer jobs also are an opportunity to gain relevant work experience and enhance your résumé.
No matter what kind of job you get, remember that summer jobs show that you're dedicated, hard-working, and motivated, which will help you in your job searches down the road. Whether you're looking for something low-stress or for something that's a bit more challenging, there's a summer job out there for everyone.
In 2015, McDonald's created the Archway to Opportunity program that allows employees to work towards a college or high school degree, work with career advisors, or improve their English skills.
“McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity education and career advising program is yet another resource available for Lansing’s students to learn, thrive and work toward earning college tuition assistance,” said Mayor Schor. “With over 240 jobs available in the Lansing area, I am excited that Lansing students will have the opportunity to apply and work at McDonald’s this summer to learn important, transferable job skills, while also earning college tuition assistance to help advance their future goals.”

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