Advertising in the 5th SMSSAFF Conference Souvenir Magazine

Hi All:
It is time again to call on all St. Mary's School of Sagada Alumni and Friends to affirm their loyalty to the Alma Mater by advertising in the 2011 Reunion Souvenir Magazine. As in previous reunions in North America, the prices are the same (please see 
For those who advertised in the Vancouver Souvenir Magazine, we will simplify matters by asking you to just make known your intent to renew to Inez and myself. At this stage, all we need is your intent to renew. Should you want to use another picture and/or message, email both to me. You may send your checks to Inez later. 
For the golfers, John Alipit is the GO TO person and you should send your intent to participate to him and to Inez as well. 
Although I will attempt to individually contact everybody who advertised in the Vancouver souvenir magazine to renew, may I ask everybody to act as advertising sales agents to convince friends to either renew or put in new ads.
Thank you very much.
Andrew W. Bacdayan
President and Chairman

Please see attached file for the list of advertisers:

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It is never too early. Send in your pledges now and send the money later. That is what the following have already done as of today, Monday, August 23, 2010:

1. Ray Alipit, 2 pages.
2. Nellie Pit-og, 3 pages, one for class '61, one for Cherway and one for her family.
3. Norman Longid, 1 page
4. Anonymous, 3 pages, one for his class, 1 for him and his siblings and 1 for him and his children.

Total - 9 pages. Keep them coming!!!!

Andrew Bacdayan
BasePrices/Contribution, 2011 Reunion

Souvenir Magazine, Golf Tournament Sponsorship and Registration

Souvenir Magazine
Back Cover Page: $ 300.00                       
Inside Front Cover Page: $ 250.00
Inside Back Cover Page: $ 250.00
One Page: $ 100.00
One-half Page: $ 50.00

Golf Tournament Sponsorship
Golf, Hole 1: $ 200.00             
Golf, Holes 2-9: $ 100.00
Golf, Hole 10: $ 200.00
Golf, Hole 11-18: $ 100.00

Conference Registration Fee
SMSS Alumni: $ 100.00                 
Non-SMSS Alumni: $ 20.00
Thank you Nellie(Pitog) for your #2 Hole Sponsorships on behalf of Cheerway Care Inc-$100.00 and SMS Class 1961 for $100.00.

As of now, 4 pledges in the amount of $600.00.

Keep coming and thanks to all.

John L. Alipit


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